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Vip-Paper Krossing:The Ideal Ionic Liquid Salt Bridge for the Direct Determination of Gibbs Energies of Transfer of Single Ions, Part I: The Concept

Zweiteiler: In der “Angewandten Chemie” wurden zwei Publikationen eines Projektes back-to-back veröffentlicht! Teil 1 beschreibt das Konzept für die direkte Bestimmung von Einzelionen-Transferenthalpien durch grundlegende Potentialmessungen ohne Verwendung von außerthermodynamischen Annahmen.

Valentin Radtke, Andreas Ermantraut, Daniel Himmel, Thorsten Koslowski, Ivo Leito und Ingo Krossing.



Described is a procedure for the thermodynamically rigorous, experimental determination of the Gibbs energy of transfer of single ions between solvents. The method is based on potential difference measurements between two electrochemical half cells with different solvents connected by an ideal ionic liquid salt bridge (ILSB). Discussed are the specific requirements for the IL with regard to the procedure, thus ensuring that the liquid junction potentials (LJP) at both ends of the ILSB are mostly canceled. The remaining parts of the LJPs can be determined by separate electromotive force measurements. No extra-thermodynamic assumptions are necessary for this procedure. The accuracy of the measurements depends, amongst others, on the ideality of the IL used, as shown in our companion paper Part II.


DOI: 10.1002/anie.201707333